location: Pittsburgh, PA
project status: Completed, 2017

Afterglow will transform the riverfront under Fort Duquesne bridge into a unique public space for relaxing and community events on the water, just steps away from downtown Pittsburgh. The installation captures the motion of a setting sun as it dips into the water of the Allegheny, and creates a series of micro-public spaces along the linear path of the promenade. Brightening-up the highway underpass, the suns provide programmatic diff erentiation within a unifying and evocative atmosphere.

Beyond offering a place for lunch break getaways, or taking a rest from a bike ride to dip your feet in the water, the installation will serve as a stage for regular community events to be programmed in collaboration with local organizations: performances, concerts and community dances, bike-repair workshops or unicycl lessons and launching paddle-board Eco-tours will bring the venue to life. By collaborating with a range of existing initiatives such as Attack Theater, BikePGH and SurfSUP Adventures, we aim at creating a place that is truly inclusive and attractive to a broad and diverse public.

A significant portion of the installation will take place in public workshops: we will callon volunteers to contribute to assembling 100 Do-It-Yourself Adirondack Chairs. The DIY workshops will be co-hosted with Attack theater and feature a new iteration of their Some Assembly Required series, in which dancers and live musicians engage the audience in a process performance of improvisation and co-creation.

Previous projects have taught us that by inviting people into a process of co-creation and the hands-on experience of building together, nurture a sense of ownership and ultimately responsibility that is essential for the success of any public space. The com- bination of dazzling sculptural spaces on the one hand, and common DIY-lounge chairs on the other, aims at striking a balance between creating an extraordinary experience, yet one that feels informal and will incite spontaneous appropriation.