Fold Office

location: Istanbul
project status: Completed, 2014

Fold Office is a co-working highrise in Instanbul. The project is a symptomatic example for the typological evolution of work environments in the so-called sharing economy. The private sphere is „folded“ to a minimum and compensated by temporary on demand access to shared facilites. On the one hand this development makes ecological and economic sense, as existing resources are used more intesely. And indeed the idea of co-working promises to nurture new form of exchange and communites. On the other hand these new typologies illustrate a new paradigm in which the use of space is subjected and commodified based on time units. In what Jeremy Rifkin has coined the Age of Accessm these new architecture typologies bare the risk of a hyper-capitalist culture in which all life becomes a paid for experience. How is sharing defined and managed? Who has access to which spaces on which terms? Is the use limited to „members“ of the co-working „club“ or can it be extended to the neighborhood and city? These are some fundamental questions that were discussed with the commercial developer.

More specifically STUDIOGRUBER was comissioned to design three protoypes for meeting and conference rooms that could also double as additional temporary offices. 

While the offices are standardized, the design of the communal spaces are custom designed by a dozed of international architects offering a variety of atmospheres and themes.

Another experience seems particularly noteworthy: in the course of the design process,  most decisions were not made by the client but based instead on user surveys. Thus the developer delegated decisions (but also possible responsability for certain decisions) to the future client. Are marketing surveils the new "participation"  in the Age of Access.