Hainburg Retirement Community

location: Hainburg, Austria
project status: Completed in 2009

The 50-bedroom extension to a 19th century nursing home tries to camouflage: configured as a compact bar it preserves the maximum amount of trees from the surrounding park. Like a chameleon its skin blends with the existing tract on the one end and into the garden on the other. Both the pixilation and the folding of the façade attempt to break the repetitive nature of the program without compromising the modularity of building components. Each resident’s room is individually articulated. In the room, one window is operable and opens to an individual flower tray, the other is fixed reaching almost to the ground, thus allowing the resident to look outside from bed – from outside the former window mirrors the garden‘s vegetation, the latter is tilted and reflects the movement of clouds in the sky. The folding motive recurs inside perceptually shortening the central aisle that leads to the rooms. A generous wooden loggia at each end provides immediate contact to the garden