Hiding in Plain Sight

location: Pittsburgh, PA
project status: Completed, 2017

Hiding in Plain Sight” is a pedal-powered pop-up movie theater. Citizens are invited to climb onto a bike and pedal in order to see. Rather than passively consuming movingimages from ubiquitous media one must work out and engage. But to generate suffi- cient electric power and activate the projection, participants need to cooperate. Thus, Hiding in Plain Sight is a public performance that turns passers-by into actors, stran- gers into team players encouraging casual encounters and playful interaction among passers-by while raising questions about the nature of public space, our health and energy consumption.

During each week a prorgam of short movies curated together with the Pittsburgh Filmakers Association was screened. After being tested Downtown the movie theater, doubling as bike trailer, will pop-up throughout Pittsburgh to activate latent public space.

Hiding_in_Plain _Sight_STUDIOGRUBER_1.jpg