The Slanted Medium

Theory and Methods of Representation
BArch 2nd Semester Lecture Course

Tools of representation never beget neutral or mere pictures of future buildings and cities. Tools have an immediateimpact on the conceptual development of projects and the generation of form. While this seminar focuses on media and technique, its aim is not to teach practical skills. Rather, it aims to investigate the inherent implications of media and provide the capacity to choose adequate working tools and modes of communication as according to the message. The expanding spectrum of representational tools at hand makes a conceptual understanding of media’s effects more crucial than ever. 

Each week the class will scrutinize another tool:  1. Site plans and Datascapes – Embedded in context  2. Sketches vs. Diagrams – Analytical and generative abstractions  3. Drawing plans and sections – Points, lines, fields and their relation to the human body  4. Perspectives – From collage to photoshop  5. Physical Models – Wysiwygs and other messages  6. Virtual Models – Simulating realities and generative forces  7. Animation and Film – Animate form vs. movement-time 8. Photography – Constructed realities  9. Presentations – The cognitive style of Power Point  10. Writing – and rewriting narratives